Future Pensions Act (WTP)

Staying in control

Our consultants, project managers and pension specialists support several (self-administering) pension funds, pension administration organisations and asset managers to realise one of the biggest system changes in the Dutch pension sector thoroughly and compliantly.

By combining pension and legislative knowledge with project management and transformation expertise, we help you get and stay in control of (parts of) the WTP transition.

Particularly as the delivery date of the implementation plan approaches, finalisation of decision-making, adequate implementation, close cooperation between chain parties and safeguarding in the new operation are necessary.

Depending on your issue, we bring together different disciplines and substantive knowledge. We do this by deploying teams that deliver an integral solution, or by deploying experts in key positions.

Customised solutions

Based on relevant knowledge and experience

In the current WTP phase, all activities are aimed at being in control by implementing the right changes. We have solutions available for the transition and post-transition phases. To ensure that you stay in control!

Implementation services

Professional staffing

Our team is at your service

Our promises

  • We work on your issue based on in-depth pension management and asset management knowledge and combine this with an extensive track record as experienced project and programme managers.
  • We have a distinctive position in financial services with our knowledge of laws, regulations and compliance, combined with the Ruler tools
  • We go the extra mile for you with our unique talent proposition to fill professional staffing questions.

How Projective Group can help

Clients turn to us for support navigating the complex and evolving landscape of WTP.

Our team of WTP experts is at your service to advise, and help with your WTP implementation