Future pensions act (WTP)

In control requires a focused and proven approach to implementation

As a pension fund, with a successful WTP implementation you want to be compliant with the new law as well as fulfilling the mandate of social partners.

As a pension management and asset management administrator, you want to contribute to this with sustainable changes to your business operations and intensified cooperation within the chain.

With our expertise in the field of pensions, laws and regulations and business transformations, we would like to help you get and stay in control with the implementation of the WTP. We work for all types of parties in the chain, with regulators and deploy broad practical experience.

Especially now that the delivery date of the implementation plan (1 April 2025) is approaching, an acceleration of decision-making, adequate implementation, and closer cooperation of chain parties is desirable.

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How we can help

We have worked out about six solutions that best fit the issues we currently face in WTP implementations. A solution for every issue, but not every solution is necessary for every party. In each solution, we combine our pension knowledge with change experience.

In doing so, we have also considered the context in which you implement WTP: regulatory pressure, strain on the current run (customer service, communication, regular pension administration) and shortages of employees with the right knowledge and experience.

Our solutions

  • Reviewing whether you are doing the right things for the WTP implementation.
  • Setting up or adjusting your change programme.
  • Reviewing whether you comply with legislation.
  • Communication with regulators.
  • Strengthening your team with WTP knowledge.
  • WTP training and awareness creation.
  • Managing changes and dependencies in the chain.
  • Business analysis, testing, PMO.
  • Setting up an integrated audit trail.
  • Substantively determining impacton products, services, organisation, processes.
  • Working out adjustments for this.
  • Determining how to meet data quality requirements.
  • Preparing data actions for the in-service operation.
  • Testing Agreed upon Procedures (AUP).
  • Large numbers of data recovery actions.
  • Staffing the transition call center.
  • Strengthening the run before and after transition.

How we work with you

We have developed a proven approach for in control implementations, which on the one hand connects the interests and challenges of all stakeholders (social partners, participants, funds, pension managers, asset managers, regulators), and on the other hand makes the complexity manageable.

The approach is based on the pension knowledge of our specialists in fund policy, pension management and asset management as well as on our experience in designing and realizing business transformations within and outside the pension industry. In addition, ProjectiveGroup is currently working on WTP implementations at, among others, the three largest pension institutions in the Netherlands in managerial and supporting roles.

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