IT & Information Security

Establish and maintain future-proof business processes and IT systems.
Projective Group provides IT & information security consultancy for pension funds and insurance companies.

Information security: more urgent than ever

IT increasingly plays a crucial factor in organisations’ day-to-day business. The growing amount of data stored online emphasises the importance of secure and responsible data storage. Customers rightly expect their data to be handled with integrity. The development of a future-proof IT strategy and effective information security are more urgent than ever.

Projective Group specialises in improving business processes and IT systems of pension funds, insurance companies and their outsourcing partners. We support the structuring and control of information security and provide expert guidance on IT and information security assessments. In doing so, we have a specific focus on the Good Practice Information Security 2023 and the DORA legislation.

What we do

Our specialised consultants offer a number of services that strengthen the realisation of integrity and control in IT and information security.

IT strategy

Based on an organisation’s strategy, we can define and implement an IT strategy. It makes an important contribution to the realisation of medium- and long-term business goals.

Drafting, implementing, and monitoring IT policy

IT policies result in principles and standards for IT, such as availability, integrity and confidentiality, and data classification. With these policies, you can more easily govern your own organisation and outsourcing relationships in terms of IT and give direction to the development of IT.

IT audits

Whether it concerns all IT aspects, the IT chain, or the IT organisation: Projective Group carries out independent audits. We also do audits on IT robustness, agility, and futureproofing.

Information security and cybersecurity

Data needs to be protected against misuse and cyber threats. We support this so that data is secure, and the organisation complies with guidelines such as Good Practice, Information Security 2019/2020 DNB, and ISO and NEN certifications.

IT risk analysis

Mapping, managing, and evaluating risks: a big task for some, a daily task for us. With a risk analysis, we identify IT risks. We can also perform risk management (temporarily).

Cloud assessment and implementation

For many, the Cloud is an elusive concept. Not for Projective Group. We assess whether current and new cloud services comply with regulatory guidelines. We can report the cloud service to the regulator and carry out the implementation.