Data management

Mapping and improving data quality.
 Find out how Projective Group provides solutions for data management in the pensions and insurance sector.

Data as the foundation of the organisation

Data and its quality are key topics in the financial sector. Pension and insurance companies have a unique responsibility when it comes to data management, as they manage sensitive information. Gaining insight into data quality and control is proving to be a major challenge. The proper application of data management is essential for sound and controlled operations.

What we do

Projective Group understands the need regarding data management. We represent a robust approach to data management within the financial sector. This is specifically designed to meet the Good Practices and guidelines of the regulators, DNB, and the AFM. Our solutions are customised. We help pension and insurance companies comply with the strictest data protection and management standards. At the same time, we achieve operational efficiency.

Our solutions

Data strategy and policy

Projective Group assists in defining the data management strategy based on the organisation’s objectives. The data management strategy is needed, among other things, to indicate which definitions data must meet, how the data management cycle is run and how the management process is set up. The established data policy is elaborated and implemented in organisational and administrative procedures. We support the implementation with a FIT-GAP analysis. All this depends on the governance framework. We therefore assess the assurance statement from auditors and internal reports.

Data insight

Large amounts of data offer valuable insights if you know where to look. Good data management not only secures and improves the quality of execution of primary processes, but also of secondary processes. Projective Group offers help with:

  • Preparing management and control information.
  • That data quality for accountability.
  • Gaining insight into customer journeys.
  • Product development.

Data quality

Creating and implementing data management policies results in higher data quality. However, this needs to be mapped periodically to improve where necessary. These improvements are possible by initiating corrective actions and implementing additional management measures. Policies and procedures also need to be adapted to changing guidelines and Good Practices. Projective Group helps clients comply with these.