Staying in control

Projective Group has specialised knowledge in the pension and insurance sectors.

Specialists in Pensions & Insurance

A specific industry requires specialist knowledge. Our expert consultants have been providing customised solutions and guidance on complex issues and challenging problems in the pension and insurance industry for over 25 years. We help you navigate the constantly changing playing field and, together with you, ensure that you meet the sector’s changing requirements at all times.

Trusted by leaders across industries.

What we do

Our specialised Pension & Insurance consultants apply their in-depth knowledge to both advisory and implementation processes. We create pragmatic, customised solutions that achieve your objectives.

Projective Group’s consultants have been closely involved in industry changes over the past 25 years. We know the ins and outs of the industry. For instance, under the banner of Mastermind, Charco & Dique, Enigma and Projectivebiz, we were involved in complex issues such as legislative and regulatory implementations, transitions and creating and maintaining integer, controlled operations. We have the knowledge and the approach at hand for all (strategic) issues.


Use our knowledge and experience to design and organise outsourcing.

IT & Information Security

Establish and maintain future-proof business processes and IT systems.


We show the way in the maze of regulations.

Data Management

Mapping and improving data quality.

Risk management

Identify and manage risks and understand opportunities.

Hot topics

Projective Group responds to industry demand and topics that are receiving extra attention from the regulator. Our consultants have the expertise to provide the right know-how on current topics. For example, our experts focus on ESG, Data Quality and Information Security, Future Pensions Act (WTP) and Cybersecurity. 

Future Pensions Act (WTP)

Support the transition to the new pension system.


Information security and cybersecurity

Ensure the security of critical information and give cyber threats no chance.

Data quality

Secure data quality within the pension industry.


Integrate ESG into the risk management cycle.

Come find your
tribe with us.

We care deeply about our people. We promise a dynamic career to those who choose to come on board with us. Projective Group offers a great learning environment in which to grow and excel. We are proud of our flat structure and how it emphasises collaboration and open communication as well as an agile work environment.

We work, we talk, we smile, we eat and drink (and sometimes even travel) together. We want to encourage, nurture, recognise and reward your talents and ambitions. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Share our expertise and earn qualifications with a long-established organisation whilst still enjoying the creativity and culture of a start-up. Join us at your next local event to find out more about Projective Group.