Adaptation of WTP processes and systems

Intended result: employees are well prepared for the (new) implementation of WTP.

We supervise and implement from start to finish, including drafting requirements, describing test scenarios, setting up quality controls and actual (automated) testing of the new solution. We do this in close cooperation with employees from the operation. Throughout this process, we always consider whether processes and systems have been set up efficiently; if not, we come up with solutions to speed up the process. We make this visible via dashboards.

Our approach

  • We analyse the current situation, compare it to the target situation and draw up requirements.
  • Based on these, we work on detailed design and adaptation of processes and systems.
  • If possible, we implement process improvements directly in the operation, which we have identified together with employees.
  • We describe the test scenarios and the necessary quality checks.
  • And we carry out the actual (automated) testing, focusing on user acceptance and IT integration (including performance and security).